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all-day 2021 Chip & Haul @ Walker Fire House
2021 Chip & Haul @ Walker Fire House
Mar 13 – May 20 all-day
Walker Community Action Alliance (WCAA) is happy to announce the 2021 Walker Community Chip and Haul event. Generous donations from the community at previous “Sundae Saturday” ice cream socials, Walker Calendar Sales, a “$5,500.00 Title[...]
8:00 am Pancake Breakfast @ Walker Fire House
Pancake Breakfast @ Walker Fire House
Apr 24 @ 8:00 am – 10:00 am
9:15 am Board Meeting
Board Meeting
May 8 @ 9:15 am – 11:00 am
Board Meeting

2012 Survey Results

To our survey respondents and all WFPA members:

Our survey resulted in 91 responses (almost 10% of our Members), as of 12-29-12.  The results overall are very good and there was excellent commentary provided that the WFPA will follow up on and include in its strategic planning.   The following bullets represent a high level summary of each of the questions in the survey.

1.  Our members are a stable group with over 57% that have owned property in Walker for more than 10 years
2.  Respondents with property that have improvements-79%
3.  One third are full-time residents
4.  We are a “seasoned” group with over 80% exceeding 50 years of age
5.  Over 80% as well do not have children in their household
6.  Highest 5 draws for WFPA participation are; Pancake breakfast (54%), Walker Days (45% congrats John O.), FF Appreciation Day (44%), Annual Meeting (43%) and an event that has recently declined in attendance-WFPA board meetings (42%).  Of note and an area we need to bolster is 19% attended no events in the last 12 months
7.  Annual meeting attendance-one half
8.  Over 62% of respondents stated they paid dues of over $200 last year, area for improvement-14% did not contribute
9.  Question #9 requires more review but of the 14% that did not contribute, there were a combined 30+ reasons why
10.  As could be expected, the highest priority perceived for the WFPA are fire-fighting, ISO and EMS (highest rating is “1” so bar charts are invers in importance-largest bars least important).  Community related focus appears to be a nice to have after basic services are taken care of
11.  Similar “inverse” bar chart relationship, fire-fighting, ISO and EMS are of highest priority
12.  Really interesting responses here-almost 75% of respondents see more value in the WFPA and would be willing to pay higher dues
13.  Most of our Members prefer the present dues system (63%)
14.  Almost the same percent will contribute money but have other commitments of their volunteer time
15.  And finally, the satisfaction rating with the WFPA… a 56% very satisfied “10” rating for the WFPA volunteers and over 73% with a “8” or greater rating!  Five people rated the WFPA a marginal “5” rating or less.  Fire Chief Roger Nusbaum and the volunteers deserve a big thank you for their work and the very strong satisfaction ratings!
16.  This question called out for suggestions and remarks, like Walker history, there’s a gold mine of information here!

This a good start to a great opportunity to improve the WFPA report card  and survey results further.  Again a big thanks to our respondent Members for making this possible.  We are all pleased with our first attempt with a survey outreach and will start 2013 with some great directional feedback.  Thank you again.

2012 Survey Summary in PDF

Greg Stava, WFPA board member/survey coordinator