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Colder Weather Coming

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note ahead of what appears to be colder weather coming in this week and we have a lot of new people looking at their first winter in Walker.

It is very important to get your chimney swept or to do it yourself. This becomes a fire hazard if left unattended too long and “too long” can be a little sooner than you might intuitively think.

If your cabin’s plumbing requires winterizing and you haven’t done that yet, we’d suggest getting that taken care of.

We’re seeing mixed weather reports about whether it might snow a little bit this week. We have no idea of course but when the snow starts and begins to accumulate, the roads become surprisingly treacherous. Please drive slower than you think you need to and be on the lookout for people coming up from town or even Phoenix to play in the snow. These sorts of visitors have been the cause of many winter accidents in our area.

Also related to snow, make use of the crushed lava cinders behind the station and at the intersection of Walker Rd and Snow Drift Mine Rd. The cinders are a huge difference maker for improved traction for both vehicles and pedestrians.

One last suggestion is to have crampons or some other type of cleat to put on your shoes. When snow has been driven on here and gets compacted it is very easy to slip and fall. That sort of ground level fall can be very serious.

Thank you and stay safe,

Roger Nusbaum

Fire Chief

Walker Fire Protection Association