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WFPA Annual meeting

September 6, 2020 @ 9:00 am – 11:00 am
Walker Fire House
4980 East Walker Road
AZ 86303

While the Board of Directors will be present and this will be the Annual Meeting, the Board of Directors is requesting Members send in a proxy instead of planning to attend because of the social distancing restrictions issued by the Governor.  We need 75 Members present either in person or by proxy to have a quorum and a binding decision.

There will be merchandise sales during this time too. 

We are required both by our bylaws and statute to hold an Annual Meeting.  Because of the Corona Virus, the normal meeting was cancelled because of health restrictions.  Many of those restrictions are still in place.

Because of that this meeting will be restricted to voting for WFPA Board Members.  No other business will be on the Agenda and cannot be voted on.

There are four (4) board terms that are ending.  The four members in those positions are all running for reelection.  They are Bill Loughrige, Dan Dougherty, Shawn Murphy and Clyde McKay.  All terms this year are two-year terms.

There were announcements made to this effect in April and in July and a request for anyone interested in running for the board make their intentions known and to send in their biography information.  None has been received.

As a result, there are only the four incumbent candidates running for the four available seats.

The Board of Directors has voted that Proxies sent to the WFPA officers will be cast for the four incumbents.

It is possible a nomination can be made at the meeting.

A proxy form is available on the walkerfire.org website and is attached to this email.  Each parcel is limited to 2 votes, an individual can only have one vote regardless of the number of parcels they are owners of.  Each individual voting must fill out and sign a proxy.  (Married couples can not both sign the same proxy)