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2024 Chip & Haul
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4:00 pm BINGO @ Walker Fire House
BINGO @ Walker Fire House
Jul 20 @ 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm
For you new players the game is simple: Buy as many cards as you like, then play all night for that fee. We hand out new cards for each game. You don’t have to keep[...]


Long Range Planning Proposal Document

Below is the Long Range Planning Proposal Document. It is also avaible in .pdf format at this link: Download in PDF

We are asking that you take a few minutes to review the document and provide us any comments or suggestions regarding it. The document will be open for comments and suggestions until October 10, 2013.  After October 10, 2013, your comments will be reviewed and taken into consideration by the WFPA Board at the next Board meeting in October, after which the document will be edited and finalized.

To leave a reply, please scroll to the bottom of this page.   Due to spam, comments will be held for moderation, and periodically approved.

Thank you for your participation.


Planning Committee

Committee Members:

Chair-Greg Stava, Roger Nusbaum-Fire Chief,

Tim McFarlan-volunteer fire fighter, Steve Nathenson-EMS/Assistant Fire Chief

Vic Hencken-Board representative


1)      Mission Statement 5) Operating Model-Strengths &Weaknesses
2)      Vision Statement
3)      WFPA Objectives 6) Funding Strategy
4)      WFPA Goals 7) Organizational Needs & Priorities



WFPA Mission Statement

To provide the highest level of consistent and sustainable community supported fire protection and EMS services throughout the Walker Fire Protection Association service area and to provide that service with the highest regard for the safety and well-being of our volunteers.


Vision Statement

Dedicated to the protection and preservation of our forest, our homes and our community.




Maintain an exemplary first responder fire protection and emergency medical service focused department through Member driven volunteerism and financial sponsorship

Effect outside financial support and resources to leverage Member funding and WFPA operations

Manage limited resources to optimize the department’s ability to accomplish WFPA’s mission

Encourage our Member’s participation in the governance and operation of the WFPA


WFPA Goals

Ensure that our volunteers are properly trained, equipped and that their safety is the number one objective of the WFPA, then;

Maintain WFPA ISO rating of 8b or better to sustain the financial viability and desirability of homeownership in our community

Expand EMS base and presence in the community

Provide leadership and continuity at the Board and Fire Chief levels representing the best interest of WFPA members, fire fighters and the community we serve



Operating Model-Strengths/Weaknesses

Since its inception, the WFPA has relied on service area dues/donations and community fundraising activities for financial support and community volunteers to staff, lead and administer its firefighting and EMS operations.  Current fiscal condition is good with no outstanding debt and liquidity representing over six months of operating expenses.

Strengths include a strong community sense of commitment although both financial and volunteer support originates from 30%-40% of the property owners in the service area.  The department maintains a comprehensive vehicle fleet that is service-ready and currently reports a moderately staffed fire fighting force and has added to its EMS volunteers over the past 18 months.  A December 2012 survey made available to the WFPA membership revealed a generally strong satisfaction with volunteer leadership and operations and noted a desire among the respondents improve EMS services while maintaining primary fire-fighting focus.


Departmental weakness is manifested in the same donation/volunteer based nature of WFPA operations with financial dependence that can be significantly influenced by economic and social shifts which disrupt planning and financial continuity to support operations.

Operating expenses/requirements continue to increase in cost and complexity requiring even more volunteer time and financial support.

Fiscal and operations planning has taken a short range focus as a result.



Funding Strategy

Remain Member focused:

  • Improve and increase Member volunteer and financial participation through timely communications that evidence the WFPA value proposition in terms of fire protection, EMS services and community.
  • Seek increased dues (indicated support in the 2012 Survey), that is based on comparable/quantifiable measures and driven by needs or improvements such as “WFPA at Work” communications that are succinct and timely
  • Review Walker Trash fees for increase/consider other services that could benefit the WFPA and its Members
  • Consider adding multi-year, pledge focused donations
  • Designate specific and extraordinary funding drives to augment general operating funds
  • Review and more actively manage Member participation and new Member recruitment
  • Broaden Member advocates to reach out to disengaged volunteers and Members
  • Leverage expansion of services, EMS specifically, where an expressed interest/need is articulated and supportable

Become more externally focused:

  • Leverage Member efforts with matching donations of funds and resources.  Employer matching programs are found money
  • Direct donations from for-profit corporations for fundraising-501c3 industry specific “collector” sources such as the 100 Club and United Way
  • Co-ops/purchasing clubs may be available to the WFPA and Membership
  • Cooperative efforts with other fire departments (training/equipment needs-Mayer Fire, SCBA’s)
  • Merchant sponsorships and special events (Sharon Bencze donations, referral fees…)
  • Actively seek partnerships in existing and successful fundraising events (Craft Fair at the Square/partner with district based fire departments that have more restricted funding requirements for such fundraisers)
  • Aggressively seek out professional industry specific and general grant consultants willing to work on a contingency basis as 60% to 70% of something is better than 100% of nothing
  • Review all pros and cons of funding options such as charges for Benefit Assessments, subscription fees and charges for high risk, non-member related calls
  • Establish specific target levels of external, non-Member funding goals to leverage the current sources for general and specific funding needs of the WFPA



Organizational Needs & Priority


Ongoing vehicle and equipment modernization (eg SCBAs and bottles expire)

Potato Patch substation (if this does not happen then we should consider selling one of the old Type 6s)

Stipend for certain FF roles that is FLSA compliant

Donation solicitation to leave behind at a medical call

Enhanced TRT training and equipment (TRT=technical rescue)


More storage, move the generator, separate area for fund raising items


Water tender, turnout upgrade for some firefighters, ongoing PPE replacement